Only the picture will show so please don’t delete the text
b-ellemode’s first ever BOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
I haven’t decide how long I will give you to reblog but next Saturday I will post the date!  So reblog quickly!  
Follow my BOTW for a better chance!
The GORGEOUS banner is courtesy of this sunny stunner sunbea-m
I will check EVERY SINGLE BLOG THAT REBLOGS NO MATTER WHAT, so you will prob gain a follow if not xxx follows from reblogging!
I will put up a poll with my favorite 5-10 people who reblog!  The one with the most votes becomes my first EVER BOTY!
What I look for:
A well put together blog!  With an faq, faves, banner and a nice theme <3
Some sort of fashion whether it be street style, color, boho, celebrities, or models
Sorry, but no hipster please!
A nice person ;)
MBF  ME (b-ellemode)
Reblog up to 4 times only please!
NO LIKES!  I won’t even look at one letter in your URL if you like this!
If you have a question about this, PLEASE message me on anon so everyone has a fair chance :)
I don’t care about how many followers you have
Be nice!
Winner will get:
Solo’s WHENEVER for a year!
A spot on my blog and my faves page for a year!
If anyone ever asks me who to follow or a tumblr crush or who follows back, I will answer YOU!
Help with voting…
Screenies every other day on request!
Advice :)
Up to 2 first ____’s to like a week!  
xxx more followers!  
The runner up will get maybe one solo and one screen shot a week and gain xx new followers!
Good luck!  xxx, Mads
P.S.  I love you :)
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